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9 of the BEST Day Trips From Seattle (Under 1.5 Hours Away!)

9 of the BEST Day Trips From Seattle (Under 1.5 Hours Away!)

There are so many incredible day trips from Seattle! While the city has enough charms to keep you for a few days, most people’s trips to Washington city involve at least some exploration of the surrounding areas.

Islands, like Whidbey and Bainbridge, sit just a short boat ride from downtown Seattle, whereas state parks and forests, like Tiger Mountain and Snoqualmie Pass, are almost in city limits.

There are even a few other cities close to Seattle to check out, too. Let’s dive into the best day trips from Seattle so you start exploring ASAP!

Day Trips From Seattle (Under 1.5 Hours Away!)

There are way too many overwhelming lists out there that provide you with day trips from Seattle, but when you go to look how far they are, they are HOURS away! Nobody wants a day trip that’s mostly a day of driving.

That’s why we gathered the best day trips from Seattle that are TRUE day trips. We think if it’s over 2 hours one way, that’s just a tad bit much, which is why we kept everything on this list under 1.5 hours away from Seattle.

Everything is ordered from the closest to farthest from the city, and we’ve also included the travel time. Happy Seattle day tripping!

day trips from seattle map
Click the image to view the clickable map of day trips from Seattle.

1. Bainbridge Island

10 miles, 50 minutes boat ride from Seattle

Also connected to Seattle by ferry, Bainbridge Island is famous for its epic natural scenery (the beaches here are among the best in Washington!) and its exciting culture.

Boat in front of Bainbridge Island, one of the best day trips from Seattle
Enjoy the views from a boat ride to Bainbridge Island

Don’t miss the Japanese American Exclusion Memorial, which details the tragic deportations of Japanese Americas in World War II. There are also other galleries, museums, shopping opportunities, and beautiful hikes like the Grand Forest Park Trail.

Or, if you want to spend the day chilling on Bainbridge’s beaches, that’s an option as well! 

2. Lake Sammamish

20 miles, 26-minute drive from Seattle

Immensely popular with locals, Lake Sammamish is a short day trip from Seattle. The lake sits inside a 531-acre state park, although the lake is seven miles long and 1.5 miles wide. 

On a sunny day, swimming is welcome at Lake Sammamish. You can even rent out watersports gear from Tibbetts Beach, one of the two sandy beaches in the area!

Tibbets Beach on Lake Sammamish for best day trips from Seattle
Pickup a canoe or go for a swim on the lake

If you want on-land activities, hike or cycle through the nature trails or sit on the beach—along with Tibbetts Beach, Sunset Beach offers spectacular vistas and a laid-back atmosphere that’s perfect for a day out of the city. 

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3. Tiger Mountain State Forest

29 miles, a 32-minute drive from Seattle

This is pretty much in Seattle, but when you take in the natural scenery, you’ll feel a million miles away from Washington’s largest city! 

As the name suggests, there are mountains (the Issaquah Alps) and forests here (although no tigers). The mountain was supposed to be named Cougar Mountain, but it wasn’t due to another peak already having that name! And, of course, you can expect an array of incredible hiking trails.

mossy walls tiger mountain state forest is one of the best day trips from Seattle
These mossy walls at Tiger Mountain are mesmerizing

The Tiger Mountain Trail is 14.5 miles long and will take you all day to complete, but it’s a must for avid hikers. If you’re looking for something shorter, check out the Chirico Trail (4.5 miles), which leads to Poo Poo Point—named after steam whistle sounds that used to be heard in the area.

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4. Chase Waterfalls (Our Favorite Seattle Day Trip!)

Around 30 miles, 30 minutes – 1-hour drive from Seattle

Don’t go chasing waterfalls… or do if you’re looking for Seattle day trips!

The upper viewpoint on the Twin Falls Trail is one of the best day trips from Seattle
The Twin Falls upper viewpoint

There are plenty of waterfalls near Seattle, including the roaring Snoqualmie Falls, Twin Falls, among the tallest in the area, and Franklin Falls, which has a total drop of 135 feet and is viewable from a hiking trail. 

Franklin Falls Hike is one of the best day trips from Seattle
Sitting along the rocky shore at Franklin Falls

All three of these stunning waterfalls make for a great day out of Seattle, as it’s easy enough to do them all in one trip! This one is our personal favorite Seattle day trip.

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5. Tacoma 

34 miles, a 35-minute drive from Seattle

Tacoma is one of the most accessible day trips from Seattle, as it’s just south of the city!

Dash Point State Park is a popular park near here, with camping, watersports, and hiking opportunities. If you fancy staying out of the city for the night, you could always camp out.

Dash Point Beach is one of the best day trips from Seattle
Dash Point Beach is one of the best sandy beaches in Seattle

Find independent shops in Tacoma, take in views at the Ruston Waterfront, or explore museums like the Tacoma Art Museum and LeMay Car Museum. 

6. Whidbey Island

35 miles, 1 hour’s drive from Seattle

One of the best day trips from Seattle is to Whidbey Island.

This island is right by the city—in fact, you can take a boat from downtown! Enjoy impressive state parks like Fort Ebey State Park and Fort Casey State Park. Fort Ebey has a history spanning back to WW2, whereas Fort Casey had origins in the 19th century!

Aside from your dose of history, there are plenty of hiking trails and even the opportunity to take to the skies and paraglide.

Paragliding at Fort Ebey State Park is one of the best day trips from Seattle
Give paragliding a go on Whidbey Island

Also, don’t miss Deception Pass State Park, where hiking trails center around a narrow strait. Once you’ve seen Whidbey’s highlights, hop back on the ferry to get back to downtown Seattle.

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7. Wallace Falls State Park

47 miles, 1 hour’s drive from Seattle

One of the best day trips from Seattle, Wallace Falls State Park stretches over 1,380 acres and is the ideal spot for a dose of nature. 

The park boasts 12 miles of walking trails, most of which run right alongside the Wallace River, although some delve into the park’s forest. If you’re into birdwatching, take the Wallace Lake Loop, or take the five-mile circuit, which offers nine viewpoints of the river. 

View of Wallace Falls on the Woody Trail for one of the best day trips from Seattle
Forest views of Wallace Falls

The park takes its name from Wallace Falls, a 265-foot-high waterfall, and there are plenty of places around the plunge pool to sit, relax, and take in nature.

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8. Snoqualmie Pass (A Popular Seattle Day Trip)

54 miles, 1 hour’s drive from Seattle

Snoqualmie Pass is THE destination to visit if you’re looking for winter sports near Seattle—it’s super close to downtown and is a popular skiing destination in the cooler months.

Snoqualmie Falls Hike is one of the best day trips from Seattle
Snap some shots of the Snoqualmie Falls

If you’re visiting in the summer, there’s still plenty to do. Check out the Rattlesnake Ridge Hike, with stunning vistas of Mount Washington, Mount Si, and Rattlesnake Lake.

Or, head to Franklin Falls (mentioned above) or hike to Mason or Annette Lake. 

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9. Bellingham

89 miles, 1-hour 30-minute drive from Seattle

Another famous city close to Seattle, Bellingham is north of the city limits. You’ll find beautiful street art, plenty of independent coffee roasters, craft breweries, and weekly farmer’s markets in the town itself.

Bridge across Whatcom Falls near Bellingham is one of the best day trips from Seattle
Bellingham may be far, but Whatcom Falls makes it worth it

However, it’s also worth venturing out of the city to see some of Bellingham’s local nature, including Whatcom Falls Park (another excellent place to chase waterfalls!) and Labaree State Park with 8,100 feet of saltwater shoreline, ideal for watersports in the summer.  

As you can see, Seattle isn’t short of fantastic places sitting less than 90 minutes away from downtown. The only tricky part is deciding which to prioritize!

If you’re looking for hikes, check out Tiger Mountain or Snoqualmie Pass; for islands, head to Whidbey or Bainbridge; for waterfalls, check out Wallace Falls State Park, or head to Sammamish for swimming near the city. Or, if you want to see other Washington cities, Bellingham and Tacoma are great options.

We hope this helped you find some of the best day trips from Seattle without spending most of your time in the car!