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Kalaloch Beach in Olympic NP: What to Know

Welcome to Kalaloch Beach, one of the most breathtaking spots in Olympic National Park!

It’s a trove of natural beauty, where the Pacific Ocean meets miles of sandy shores and hidden wonders.

But, we will admit, at first glance, the area is a bit confusing. It’s mostly because it’s so big and long, and the names are unimaginative. So let us help you get to know this area better…


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Kalaloch Beaches Explained:

OK, so first things first. The reason this area is a bit confusing is because it’s a massively long beach, and it’s separated into four beaches and five areas (kinda).

Two tourists walking along a fairly empty Kalaloch Beach 2 on a clear day.
A couple enjoying a stroll on Kalaloch Beach 2.

We will go over each area, starting in the South and going North. It’s over 5 miles in total by the way!

Do note that each beach (yes, there are multiple!) is marked on Google Maps, and there is a road sign, but the “entrance” is a bit weird, and the parking is almost nonexistent.

Nina walking towards the sunset on Kalaloch Beach 3 framed by trees and foliage.
Me taking the trail down at sunset.

Essentially, you’ll park on the side of the road and look for a small trail entrance through some bushes and trees. Each beach requires a very short but sometimes steep hike to reach.

Let’s get into it…

Kalaloch Beach 1

As you start your journey at the southern tip of Kalaloch Beach, you’re greeted by the expansive views of the Pacific Ocean.

After a quick hike downhill (that means you’ll be hiking back up!), you’ll find a wide beach, perfect for beachcombing.

Trail to Kalaloch Beach 1 from above with a person walking on a bridge towards the beach.
The bridge leading to Kalaloch Beach 1.

If you’re lucky, you might spot bald eagles soaring overhead or otters playing in the surf as we did!

The one thing to note about this beach is there is often a lot of driftwood, so you might have to climb over some stumps to get on the beach. Take care.

TIP: Just south of this beach is the South Beach Campground, where you can base yourself for adventures in the area. If you don’t get a spot here in time, try out nearby Bogachiel State Park for more camping options.

Kalaloch Beach 2

You’ll be happy to know Beach 2 does offer a bit more of a broad beach minus the driftwood obstacles. After a quick stroll through a wooded area, you’ll find Kalaloch Beach 2.

Nina in a yellow top and blue jean shorts sitting on a driftwood log overlooking Kalaloch Beach 2 in the sun.
Enjoying the afternoon on Kalaloch Beach 2.

Here, you’ll find a nice grey-pebbled beach to walk around for miles. Peep out to sea, and hopefully, you can spot a whale.

The Tree of Life

Nestled between the second and third beaches, the Tree of Life stands as proof of nature’s resilience.

This iconic tree, with its roots exposed and clinging to the edge of an eroding bluff, continues to thrive against all odds. Seriously, how is this tree here?!

Tree of Life on Kalaloch Beach with roots hanging on the side of cliff walls.
The Tree of Life clinging on for dear life.

It’s a must-see—just follow the signs from the nearby parking area for a short stroll to this natural wonder on the beach.

This is also where you’ll find Kalaloch Campground, where, if you get lucky and have a reservation for the night, you can camp right here to the sound of the waves.

If you require four walls, the Kalaloch Lodge is also located right here. Book early!

Kalaloch Beach 3

Moving north, Beach Three starts to transform as majestic rocks emerge.

This area is a beach wanderer’s dream, with a short trail that winds through coastal forests and leads to breathtaking overlooks.

Nina standing on the dark sand of Kalaloch Beach 3 in a yellow jacket as a bird flies by at blue hour.
Nina enjoying blue hour on Kalaloch Beach 3.

We had lots of birds flying overhead here and it’s another beach that just goes on for days!

Kalaloch Beach 4

The northernmost part of Kalaloch Beach is a secluded haven, perfect for picnics or relaxation.

You’ll stroll down the short trail to get to the beach, the same as the rest above, but this beach will greet you with even more rock cliffs and outcrops to explore.

Unique rocky textures spanning the length of Kalaloch Beach 4 on a sunny day.
A sunny day at Kalaloch Beach 4.

Keep an eye out for the gulls, pelicans, and otters playing and flying around here, as well as the marine creatures hiding out in the tidepools.

TIP: Right after Kalaloch Beach 4, you can check out a MASSIVE Cedar tree. It’s seen some stuff! Some storms have definitely done some damage, but it’s a really cool and easy pull-off. Head here.

Ruby Beach

A bonus beach, you say? Yes! If you’re continuing north, there’s NO way you can miss out on Ruby Beach.

Known for its distinctive ruby-colored sand, which gets its hue from garnet fragments, Ruby Beach offers an otherworldly landscape.

Driftwood on Ruby Beach in a small body of water creating a reflections of a man walking along the beach.
Crazy reflections on Ruby Beach.

You’ll find towering sea stacks rising from the ocean, creating dramatic silhouettes, tide pools teeming with marine life, and grey-pebbled sand beneath your feet.

The accessibility of tide pools allows for up-close encounters with starfish, anemones, and crabs, providing a peek into the rich biodiversity of the region.

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When to Visit:

Kalaloch Beach is a year-round destination, but each season offers its own magic.

Summer brings warm weather and the best conditions for tide pooling, while fall and winter offer dramatic storm-watching opportunities and fewer crowds.

Seagulls perched on rocks in the ocean at Kalaloch Beach 3 at sunset with a backdrop of trees.
A gentle sunset over Kalaloch Beach 3.

Spring is a special time as the area bursts into life with blooming wildflowers and migrating birds returning.

Tips For Your Visit:

Before you head out, here are some essential tips to ensure your visit is enjoyable and respectful of nature:

  • Parking & Fees: There are designated parking areas near each beach section, although it is just the side of the road (so take care). Make sure to display your park pass!
  • Safety: Always keep an eye on the tide and weather forecasts. Stay off driftwood logs in the surf, as they can be unstable.
  • Conservation: Help preserve the beauty of Kalaloch Beach by staying on marked trails, packing out all trash, and respecting wildlife.
  • Tides: You’ll want to check the tides before heading out for a beach stroll. Some of the areas get narrow or are straight-up impassible during high tide. And tide pooling at Beach 4 and even Ruby Beach isn’t possible if you get there at high tide.

We hope this helps you plan your visit to Kalaloch Beach!

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