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16 AWESOME Things to Do in Forks, Washington

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Not sure about all the things to do in Forks, Washington?

We get it, it’s not exactly on the top of everyon’es radar. Yet here you are…

Located in the heart of the Olympic Peninsula, this charming town has piqued the curiosity of travelers.

Whether that’s due to the Twilight saga or you feel like you need to stop here while exploring Olympic National Park, we got you!

1. Learn About Logging at the Forks Timber Museum

Step back in time at the Forks Timber Museum. This museum pays homage to the town’s logging history, featuring exhibits on early settlers, the evolution of logging techniques, and the daily life of loggers. It’s a small but cool exploration of the region’s backbone industry.

The homepage of the Forks Timber Museum website.
Check the website for more info!

2. Explore the Unique World at John’s Beachcombing Museum

There’s a unique world of beachcombing at John’s Beachcombing Museum. This fascinating collection showcases artifacts, glass floats, driftwood, and treasures all gathered from local beaches.

A visit here offers a glimpse into the ocean’s mysterious ways and the stories carried ashore. Check this weird place out for an easy $5! Just note they have very limited hours and close in winter.

3. Take a Twilight Tour

For Twilight fans, the Twilight Tour is a dream come true. Explore key locations from the beloved saga, including Bella’s house, truck, and the iconic Forks High School!

The orange pick-up truck seen in Twilight films in Forks.
Bella’s famous pick-up! – Photo by mkopka

It’s a fun tour that brings the story to life, surrounded by the very landscapes that inspired Stephenie Meyer. It’s really what put this town on the map… as tiny and humble as it is!

Book a Twilight tour here.

4. Discover Bigfoot at Sasquatch The Legend Gift Shop

Celebrate the legend of Bigfoot at Sasquatch The Legend Gift Shop. This quirky store offers an array of Sasquatch-themed souvenirs, from t-shirts to mugs, making it a fun stop for believers and skeptics alike.

5. Escape into Nature at Elk Creek Conservation Area Trail

Elk Creek Conservation Area Trail is a cool escape into nature just outside of Forks.

An elk grazing on grass in the middle of the forest.
Just enjoying a nice lunch!

This easy-to-navigate trail winds through lush forests and alongside babbling creeks, offering peaceful views and a chance to spot local wildlife, including the majestic elk.

6. Head Out on the Calawah River

Adventure awaits on the waters with a boat launch in town for boats and kayaks. Paddle along the serene Calawah River, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the Olympic Peninsula.

The Calawah River running through the countryside if Forks.
A great place for some water sports!

It’s an ideal activity for those looking to have some fun out on the water. You can find the boat launch right here.

7. Visit Bogachiel State Park

Bogachiel State Park is a gateway to outdoor adventure. With camping facilities, hiking trails, and fishing spots, it’s a perfect base for exploring the surrounding wilderness.

A white campervan with a stripe down the side parked up at a campsite in the forests of Bogachiel State Park.
Our camper in Bogachiel State Park.

We will be the first to admit it’s not the most exciting state park in Washington, however, its location? It’s incredible!

It’s just moments from Forks as well as some of the other things to do in Olympic National Park you’ll see below.

8. Trek into the Hoh Rainforest

The Hoh Rainforest is a must-see with its towering moss-covered trees and vibrant ecosystem.

This temperate rainforest offers trails like the Hall of Mosses, showcasing the area’s stunning biodiversity.

Hiker along the Rain Forest Hall of Mosses Trail taking a photo of huge moss-covered trees.
The fairytale that is Hoh Rainforest…

It’s a place where nature’s beauty is on full display. It’s one of the most famous things to do in Forks and it’s less than an hour away.

9. Experience the La Push Beaches

The La Push Beaches are a breathtaking coastal wonder. Famous for their dramatic sea stacks and rugged beauty, these beaches offer stunning sunset views and opportunities for beachcombing, photography, and relaxation.

A group of people talking and enjoying the day down on La Push beach, sitting on piles of driftwood.
A great local hangout spot!

The connection to the Twilight saga adds an extra layer of mystique. There are actually three La Push beaches here. Beach 1 is easy and can be seen from the parking area, but Beaches 2 and 3 require a short hike.

Grab a camping permit, and you can wake up on the shores of La Push Beaches, too.

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10. Explore Rialto Beach and the Hole in the Wall Trail

Rialto Beach offers dramatic ocean views, with the Hole in the Wall Trail providing a memorable hike. Trek to the iconic sea-carved archway for an unforgettable sight.

Nina in a yellow jacket standing besides the Hole in the Wall at Rialto Beach on an incredibly foggy day.
Hole in the Wall and a tiny Nina.

It’s a place where the power and beauty of the Pacific Ocean are palpable. Make sure to come at low tide so you can spot sea critters in the nooks and crannies of the rocks.

11. Wander Ruby and Kalaloch Beaches

Kalaloch and Ruby Beaches are renowned for their natural beauty and wildlife viewing opportunities. With tide pools, driftwood, and sweeping views, they’re ideal for a day of exploration and relaxation.

Driftwood on Ruby Beach creating a reflection with the water around it at sunset as someone walks along the sand.
Ruby Beach at sunset.

Ruby Beach is famed for its picturesque sea stacks. You can spend a whole day exploring these beaches as there are four Kalaloch beaches in total, Ruby Beach, and don’t miss out on the Tree of Life either.

Tree of Life on Kalaloch Beach with roots hanging on the side of cliff walls on a sunny day.
Tree of Life.

12. Discover Beaver Falls

Beaver Falls is a bit of a hidden gem, yet it’s very accessible. You’ll get a small yet impressive cascading waterfall set against a lush backdrop. It’s a great thing to do in Forks and is only 15 minutes north of the town!

A long exposure of Beaver Falls in the middle of the forest.
An easy spot to visit!

13. Relax at Lake Crescent

Lake Crescent is a deep, glacially carved lake known for its crystal-clear waters and stunning mountain surroundings.

Kayak rentals lined up along the beach at Lake Crescent Lodge with a view of trees and mountains.
An awesome recreational area!

The lake is perfect for kayaking, fishing, and swimming. It also features several hiking trails along its shores, including the popular Marymere Falls trail and Mount Storm King trail.

Nina standing on the summit of Mount Storm King overlooking an amazing view of Lake Crescent and the surrounding hills.
Get to the summit and you’ll forget all about your aching legs!

This is a don’t-miss spot while exploring Olympic and is easily accessible from Forks.

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14. Visit Sol Duc Falls

Sol Duc Falls is one of the most iconic waterfalls in Olympic National Park, known for its powerful flow and picturesque setting.

This is the best waterfall near Forks! A relatively easy hike leads you through ancient forests to a viewing platform where you can witness the falls splitting into multiple channels as they cascade into a lush ravine.

Three cascades of Sol Duc Falls surrounded by greenery in the middle of the forest.
Take the Lovers Lane trail to Sol Duc Falls.

On your way out, don’t miss the short but sweet Ancient Grove trail and the flopping salmon at Salmon Cascades.

15. Take a Day Trip to Hurricane Ridge

Hurricane Ridge provides some of the most accessible and breathtaking mountain views in Olympic National Park.

Nina hiking along Hurricane Ridge in her hiking gear enjoying the view over the valley.
Nina loving the view!

A short drive from Port Angeles but nearly two hours from Forks, this spot makes for a good day trip. It offers panoramic vistas of the Olympic Mountains, meadows filled with wildflowers, and opportunities to spot wildlife.

The large orange-colored Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center perched on the edge if a hill with a mountain view.
Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center.

With a range of trails, from easy paved paths to more challenging hikes, you can spend all day wandering the trail, enjoying views from the visitor center, and maybe even popping by Port Angeles on the way back.

16. Explore Port Angeles

A short drive from Forks (only about an hour), Port Angeles serves as a gateway to the Olympic Peninsula. With dining, shopping, and access to the Olympic National Park, it’s a vibrant community worth exploring.

View over to Port Angeles pier on a sunny day.
Port Angeles downtown pier.

It’s definitely a bit more happening than Forks and has more amenities and such. It’s also right on the water if you want to gaze out at the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

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👉 Accommodation in Forks

We hope this helped you find the best things to do in Forks for your trip!

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