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Visiting Moulton Falls in Washington

Situated along the East Fork of the Lewis River in southwest Washington, Moulton Falls is a scenic oasis tucked into the forests of the Moulton Falls Regional Park.

The falls and the park surrounding them offer hours of endless fun, including swimming, hiking, mountain biking, and more.

Continue reading to learn more about the best way to spend a day at Moulton Falls, along with tips for exploring the surrounding area.


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Exploring Moulton Falls

Moulton Falls is a popular spot, and there are two parking lots available to visitors. If you park at the main entrance (the lower lot), you won’t actually need to hike to the falls—they are right there!

Chances are that this lot will be full when you visit (this is a busy spot), so you may need to park in the upper lot. Fear not—if you have to park up here that just means you’ll get to take a scenic trail to visit the falls!

Garrett's feet hanging off a rock while overlooking Moulton Falls and the surrounding forest.
Not a bad place to chill!

The trail also leads to the nearby Yacolt Falls, which some consider the more impressive of the two falls within Moulton Falls Regional Park.

You can start your hike from either parking lot, so you might as well check out both falls in one go!

There is one restroom and several porta potties available, plus some picnic tables scattered around the park.

A long exposure of Moulton Falls giving a cloud like effect to the waterfalls as it tumbles over rocks.
A very cloudy looking Moulton Falls.

The Moulton Falls Regional Park is open daily from 7:00 am to dusk.

TIP: If you can’t find parking at Moulton Falls Regional Park, you can leave your vehicle at Lucia Falls Regional Park and hike the 2.5-mile trail between the parks.

Hike to Moulton Falls & Yacolt Falls

Distance: 0.9 miles
Type of Trail: Loop
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation Gain: 127 feet

Other important info:

  • Dogs are allowed
  • There is no fee for this trail

The East Fork Lewis River Loop is an easy yet scenic trail. This lovely wooded route is the best way to knock out two trails in one.

An information sign depicting all the trail data and maps to hike to Moulton Falls.
There’s plenty of info to keep you on track!

The path begins right at Moulton Falls, then winds its way north through the verdant forest towards Yacolt Falls. Moulton Falls has a double cascade tumbling over rocks into a small but mighty pool.

Continue hiking towards the Moulton Falls bridge. This postcard-perfect area is the highlight of the hike.

Not only is it incredibly beautiful with its towering wooden bridge and aqua blue water below, but this spot is also a popular hangout in the summer months.

Tourists swimming at Moulton Falls Regional Park with inflatables with a view of forests and a large bridge in the distance.
Hiking isn’t the only thing to do at Moulton Falls!

Visitors take to rafts and floaties along the river, and the braver souls can be seen cliff jumping along the rocky outcrops. Note that jumping from the bridge is NOT permitted.

There is even a small “beach” area here. Unfortunately, it is notoriously uncomfortable to sit on due to the rocks.

TIP: Bring a camp chair or some other type of cushion if you plan to stay awhile.

Add on Yacolt Falls

It’s just a short stroll from the bridge is Yacolt Falls. Pause your hike and take a dip in the swimming hole located just below the falls.

There is a small bridge here to get you over the slippery rocks. Swimming is allowed, but be aware that currents are strong.

Three people swimming at Yacolt Falls in the golden hour light.
Swimmers at Yacolt Falls.

Another way to experience the beauty of Moulton Falls is by trekking the Moulton Falls and Mount Bell Loop. This trail is much longer and a bit more challenging, and you can hike it or mountain bike it.

Moulton Falls + More Nearby Waterfalls

Coming from Vancouver, Washington or Portland, Oregon, you can head up to Lucia Falls Road for a full day of waterfall chasing. Here, you’ll find Moulton Falls, along with Lucia Falls, Yacoult Falls, and Sunset Falls.

Read our guides:

A map of the trail to Moulton Falls.
Click the image to view the map for Moulton Falls.

The falls are all within a 20-minute drive of one another, so you might as well check them all out while you’re in this neck of the woods!

We hope this post helped you discover more about exploring Moulton Falls!

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