Panther Creek Falls.
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Panther Creek Falls Hike

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Hidden away from the Gorge within the natural beauty of Washington state, Panther Creek Falls offers an enchanting experience for anyone wanting an easy trail to an epic waterfall!

We loved visiting this waterfall in Washington, and we’ll share with you everything you need to know before you head out here.

Panther Creek Falls

Distance: 0.3 miles
Type of Trail: Out & Back
Difficulty: Moderate
Elevation Gain: 114 feet

Other important notes:

  • Dogs are allowed
  • There is no fee for this trail
  • There are no facilities here

Trailhead and Parking

You can find the trailhead by parking on the side of the road and crossing to where the trail begins. Here is the parking lot, and here is the trailhead.

Trailhead sign for Panther Creek Falls nailed to a tree.
Follow the trailhead sign

The road to get here is easy and in good condition.

Panther Creek Falls Trail

As you set foot on the trail, you’ll encounter a choice to make. Head right to reach the breathtaking viewpoint, or veer left to journey to the base of the falls.

Nina walking along a trail through the forest wearing a yellow jacket.
The trail is pretty peaceful

You should certainly do both sides, but we chose to do the viewpoint first and then head down to the falls after. The trail is well-maintained and has a wooden railing along the path.

While it’s an easy and short trail, it does get a bit steep in a few areas.

Keep in mind that there are areas clearly marked as “closed for restoration.” It’s important to respect these closures and follow the designated paths.

Nina leaning on a fence surrounded by trees looking down to Panther Creek Falls.
As you arrive you’ll get a good view over Panther Creek Falls from above

We saw MANY people crossing the clearly marked areas to get a whole two feet closer to the falls. Don’t be these people. There is a reason it’s marked off, and people have gotten seriously injured here and even died.

Panther Creek Falls

Panther Creek Falls is a true natural wonder. Its wide cascades create a picturesque scene, and the way it gently trickles down is a sight to behold.

The cool mossy rocks and strewn driftwood add to the stunning beauty of the falls that bursts through Douglas firs and hemlock trees.

Nina standing by a wooden fence in a forest overlooking Panther Creek Falls.
Nina admiring Panther Creek Falls

You can feel the power, yes, even safely from the provided deck without breaking through the barrier to get closer! We struggled to talk to each other because it was so loud and mighty!

Safety and Tips

While the trail to Panther Creek Falls is relatively easy, it does come with a few rocky and steep sections. To fully enjoy your hike, make sure to wear proper footwear that provides good traction.

Sun shining over Panther Creek Falls.
Panther Creek Falls in all its glory

Pay attention to the weather conditions, as certain areas can become slippery during wet days or even on a clear and rainy day. The mist from the falls wet the walking area.

Always stay on designated paths, obey posted signs, and show respect for the fragile ecosystem.

Nina sitting on a wooden fence posing in a yellow jacket besides Panther Creek Falls.
Most of all, have a great time!

Take note that the parking area is on the opposite side of the road from the trailhead, so be careful with your kids and pups when crossing the street.

We hope this helped you plan your trip to Panther Creek Falls!

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