Epic Beaches in Olympic National Park

These are the most worth it Olympic National Park Beaches to visit!

By:  Washington is for Adventure

1. Kalaloch Beach 1

Take your time soaking up the scenery, exploring tide pools, and watching for the bald eagles’ nest in the trees along the shoreline.

2. Kalaloch Beach 2

Few people make the trip to Beach 2. The beach is massive, and you could walk for hours without seeing another human.

3. Kalaloch Beach Tree of Life

Situated atop an eroding river bed along the cliff, the Tree of Life and its roots appear to be floating mid-air!

4. Kalaloch Beach 3

This Olympic National Park Beach features enormous, beautiful cliffs, stellar ocean views and teeming tidepools!

5. Kalaloch Beach 4

Go tidepooling here to see colorful algae, massive gooseneck barnacles, hoards of green anemones, and vibrant sea stars. Come during low tide!

6. Ruby Beach

The most popular Olympic National Park Beach! Named for the red-hued sand crystals that dot the shoreline.

7. La Push Beaches

3 Olympic National Park beaches IN ONE! The first is in town, the second is a 1-mile hike in and the third requires a 3-mile hike but you'll get it to yourself!

8. Rialto Beach

Home to the famous Hole in the Wall hike, this beach in an Olympic National Park favorite. Classic PNW coastline with mighty sea stacks, and many colorful tidepools.

9. Shi Shi Beach

It’s pretty far off the beaten path, and the ethereal scenery may leave you feeling like you’ve left earth entirely. You'll need to hike to see this beauty!

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